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Sona Shakoory

Head of Risk, Quality Management & Business Analytics at CIG Financial

Sona Shakoory is the head of Risk, Quality Management and Business Analytics at CIG Financial where she is responsible for detecting and scrutinizing all possible risks that may end up impacting on an organization’s financial success. Her role is centered on utilizing analytical reports derived from assessing a company’s risk profile to make recommendations to the organization on measures that can help mitigate business risks. Sona has received her Master’s in Applied Statistics in 2014 from Georgia State University and has been working in Financial Industry ever since. Her background in Statistics allows her to utilize various valuation techniques and tools, statistical models, and quantitative analysis and software in order to get required jobs done. Her areas of expertise include but not limited to Market and Operational risk analysis, Model validation, Quality Management and Regulatory Risk and Compliance, Treasury, ROI and CECL. She has been a great asset developing strategies that will help the organization to minimize risk as well as maximize growth. Sona has started with CIG Financial in 2018, she has built the BRM team from the ground up and has been excelling in her position and assisting in the development of strong risk, quality management and business intelligence and financial team ever since!