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Scott Colwill

Head Commercial Auto Finance at RBC Royal Bank

Scott Colwill is the Head of Commercial Auto Finance at RBC Royal Bank – one of Canada’s largest banks with 17 million clients worldwide.  With a combined retail and commercial auto portfolio of over $20 billion, RBC is one of Canada’s largest auto lenders.  Scott leads the team responsible for commercial auto business strategy, product management, technology and operations strategy, data and analytics, portfolio management, inventory auditing, and pricing and incentive programs. 


Scott is an experienced financial services leader with over 25 years’ experience at RBC Royal Bank.  His career has included roles in Commercial Relationship Management, Product Management, Risk Management, Sales & Market Leadership, Business Strategy and Automotive Finance.  Scott holds a Master of Business Administration degree.  He and his wife and 2 children reside in Oakville, Ontario where they enjoy hockey, golf, skiing and CrossFit.