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Landon Starr

Chief Risk Officer at Arivo Acceptance

Landon Starr is a well-recognized expert and leader across a variety of verticals. Landon has been asked to share his insights and leadership philosophies at events such as the Utah Governor’s Economic Summit in 2018,functions for the University of Utah on Emerging Technology at the graduate level, and Moody’s analytics to speak on Early Warning signals for economic monitoring. Landon’s sharp business acumen, coupled with his deep knowledge and passion for data and analytics, has made him an exceptional business leader and a driving force of innovation across all of the industries and organizations he has touched.

Landon joined the Arivo team in September of 2018, leading the company’s risk, data, and technology efforts. In his role, he brings 15 years of lending experience and 20 years of technology and analytics experience to help inform and drive the strategy and execution behind the predictive models and innovative technology that are the cornerstone of the Arivo competitive advantage.

Previously, Landon built a large data science organization within Clearlink, driving significant revenue and building customer experience capabilities through building and leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence applications. He led teams of software developers, data scientists, and data engineers to build cutting edge customer-facing technology solutions. Landon also spent 10 years with American Express, managing the organization focused on delivering analytics, predictive modeling, and technology for American Express’s Central Rating and Underwriting Team, which managed all of AMEX’s global exposures that exceeded $1MM, a portfolio containing over $250 Billion in assets. Landon sat on the enterprise modeling committee at AMEX, leading modeling and analytics for “Advanced Approaches” requirements associated with Basel’s risk-based capital rules and management, and building and managing analytical strategies and models for the broader consumer lending organization. Landon also has subprime auto credit experience, having led an investor-driven recovery team to revamp the underwriting, modeling, and analytics function of the distressed $5B portfolio of Centrix Financial in loss mitigation efforts prior to the Global Financial Crisis.

Landon has a Bachelor of Science in Economics and a Master of Science in Finance from the University of Utah.