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Brian Allan

President of HyreCar Inc.

Brian Allan started his automotive retail career in 1980 in Beverly Hills, California selling Lincoln, Mercury, Peugeot and Lotus vehicles while attending Cal State Northridge University. In 1985, Brian joined what became the Galpin Premier Collection, a division of Galpin Motors in Los Angeles in California. As a General Manager at Galpin, Brian opened and operated 9 of the Galpin family of brands. He has served on numerous manufacturer dealer councils & advisory boards for several retail and technology firms, and is renowned for recognizing industry trends and developing innovative solutions that leverage technology to improve the employee and customer experience for the automotive industry. After 30 years of service as a Group General Manager & Director of Business Development at Galpin Motors, Brian retired from Galpin in 2018. He founded respective.io, a strategic advisory and investment firm focused on emerging technologies and innovation in the retail automotive industry.

Additionally, Brian then went on to join HyreCar in December 2018 in the role of President, where he is responsible for strategic partnerships, assisting OEMs and retail dealers with strategies to profit from the carsharing, ridesharing and Transportation as a Service (TaaS) opportunities.