We understand that networking is a crucial aspect of any event you attend. At this year’s Auto Finance Summit, even though you are not face-to-face with other attendees, you can still connect and engage with our exceptional audience.

Auto Finance Summit will be using a virtual event platform that is particularly designed to foster digital networking. Our platform includes enhanced AI-powered capabilities that will connect you directly with like-minded attendees based on your interests, needs and professional responsibilities.

The agenda contains timeslots specifically earmarked for networking. But over and above that our virtual events platform will allow you to schedule one-on-one meetings throughout that conference, and even before and after the live conference period. To be clear, networking is our priority one at the Auto Finance Summit — even when the conference is virtual. 

Here are some more specifics about Auto Finance Summit networking:

How Does It Work?

Registered attendees will gain access to the virtual experience platform a few weeks prior to the event. Here is how it works:

1. Sign In to the Platform and Build Your Profile

  • Sign in with your LinkedIn, Facebook or Google credentials, and link your social media accounts to your profile.
  • You will be asked to select from curated interest categories. Together with the platform algorithm, these interests determine the best matches for you, so please take your time and choose carefully.
  • Update your profile by creating a profile introduction. It’s a vital part of your profile, as it helps you stand out. Other attendees can also search for keywords in your intro, so be sure to include your unique offering. This could be your company slogan or what you hope to achieve; there is a clear correlation between a detailed intro and higher meeting quality and satisfaction.


2. Browse Top Matches

  • Browse through your top matches and start qualifying your matches.
  • You can search for attendees by using specific keywords or by using the interest filter.
  • New users can be found under the “People > Newest” tab. Learn more about matchmaking here.


3. Book 1:1 Meetings

  • You may send meeting requests to any attendee inside the platform and customize your message.
  • Take some time to tell your potential match why you would like to meet and what you will bring to the meeting.
  • During the profile-setup process, select your availability for 1:1 meetings during the scheduled networking breaks in the agenda.
  • If you receive a meeting request and the time does not work with your schedule, you can simply reschedule the meeting.
  • You may direct message your connection through Live Chat when the meeting request has been accepted or rescheduled.


4. Visit with Sponsors and Exhibitors

  • Explore our Virtual Exhibition Booths and meet with event Sponsors and Exhibitors.
  • You will be able to view company representatives inside the virtual booth, chat with them directly and send direct meeting requests for live demos and additional information.


5. Follow Up

  • After the event, follow up with your connections. If there is anyone you were not able to connect with during the event, you can still use the platform to network with them.
  • All your meetings and chats are saved to your account, so you can follow up with your matches even after the event has concluded.


Growing your network has never been more efficient. We’ll let you know via email the moment you are able to start connecting through our virtual experience platform.