Brian Jones

Brian Jones

Chief Executive Officer

Gravity Lending

As CEO of Gravity Lending, Brian Jones has guided the company to profitability and triple digit growth within its first 12 months.  By utilizing his previous experience and taking an all new approach with this fintech company, Gravity has been able to create a transformative culture that once again proves that a group of like minded individuals with a common set of goals can accomplish amazing things in a very short time period.  Brian Jones started his career with an online vehicle service contract company that allowed him to learn the basics of digital marketing and attracting online consumers. He parlayed that experience into an executive role with an automotive refinance company that was near bankruptcy and $11,000,000 in debt.  He was able to turn the company around by working with an outstanding team and turned it profitable within 120 days.  Over the next 13 years under his leadership, the company became the largest and most productive auto refinance company in the industry and over his 13 years of leading the company, they were able to originate over $7 Billion in auto loans.  In 2018, the final year before the company was sold, the team originated over $1 Billion in loans for its network of over 100 lenders across the country.