AcceleratAFS 2016 Infographics-08e your business by networking with the who’s who in auto finance. The core attendees at the Auto Finance Summit are the leading lenders and lessors in the nation, who come to the Auto Finance Summit to discuss and debate mission-critical business issues and growth opportunities, and to network. These leading industry executives come from Banks, Captives, Credit Unions, Floorplan Lenders, Consumer Finance Companies, Thrifts, and Dealerships.

Attendees come to the Summit in order to explore opportunities in Warehousing, Portfolio Buying and Selling, IT,  Secondary Marketing, AFS 2016 Infographics-01and Joint Ventures, among others.

In addition to these core attendees, the Summit draws executives from leading companies that serve the auto finance sector. These attendees come from Investment Banks, Law Firms, Rating Agencies, Consultancies, Insurance Providers, Servicing Ventures, and many more.The bottom line is Attendees — among the best, the brightest and most innovative Auto Finance industry leaders and thinkers — come to the Summit to keep pace with the latest industry trends, tactics and strategies, as the Auto Finance industry grows and evolves.